First generation

The first generation will exist off 8888 randomly generated gangster ducks with over 5.000.000 options. All of these ducks have one thing in common. They belong to one gang. the colored arm bandana on the duck shows in which gang the duck belongs so which side are you on?

Show case

The Green Quackers

Residing in the most northern part of quack city, the green quakers specialise in protection racket, forcing smaller shop/bussiness owners to pay them money for “Protection”. This made them very rich in the last few years, expanding their merry criminal organasation in the procces. Now The Green Quakers are notorious for protection rackets, owning more than half of the casinos, stripclubs and pubs in the northern part of the city. This started as a honest way to protect the smaller bussiness owners from criminals in the foundings years of the city. Soon spiraled out of control, there where no law enforcements available to protect everything in the city. This gave The Green Quackers the opportunity extort money from the small bussinesses they promised to protect. The Green Quakers position of power comes out the abilitie to money launder everything, the other gangs are mostly depend on them, if the underworld of Quack city would have a bank, The Green Quackers would be that bank. This give The Green Quackers the unique position of depency from the other gangs, with other words you don’t duck with them

The Blue Divers

Controlling the docks and ports of Quack city gives the Blue Divers a big sphere of infleunce, controlling what comes in and out the city, their organasation is masked as a shipyard company. But for those with a keen eye you can see right through them, they are infact a smuggler organisation, letting drugs, weapons, people from over the sea into the city. The Blue Divers are very popular amongst the bussiness man fort heir abilitie to aquire certain “Contrabands” for the rich. In the founding days of the city The Blue Divers where the life line of the city, it started as a nobel cause, getting fresh food, materials in the city and helping the residents buil dit up from the ground. But after a powerstruggle in the begining years of the company, this organisation was looking for a more profitable cargo. Drugs and weapons, after this switch the honest company of Blue Diving Co. Became a criminal organisation with a monopoly on the docks, bribing goverment offcials to turn a blind eye on their operations. The Blue divers, are the life-line of the criminal underworld, you can’t duck with them on anything. That is openly, there are a lot of gangs prone the strike on any weakness The Blue Divers show. One of these gangs are called The Red Swimmers a old splinter faction of The Blue divers.

The Red Swimmers

Being a splinter faction of the Blue Divers, this gang has been around for a while now. Usually used as the muscles or raiding team for the Blue Divers. Getting tired of being used this way, they decided to rebel against The Blue Divers. Setting their HQ up on the drydocks south of the city. Raiding shipments, warehouses and safe houses of The Blue Divers, with the idea to take the Blue Divers out once and for all. Not suited for a all out gang war they strike with pinpoint precision and knowing where to hurt the organisation. The Red Swimmers are notorius and didn’t pick their name, it was given after a bloody raid on a smaller gang who where trying to take a part of the docks for themselfs. This raid was so quick and brutal that the name Red Swimmers was almost on everone lip in the underworld of Quack city.

The Yellow Breads

Being a start-up gang they are one of the youngest, while the Green Quakers and The Blue Divers have been around since the foundig of the city. The Yellow Breads began expanding on the moment they created a new drug called “Bread”. This is completely new and took the city by storm, it became extremely populair by party goeser the last few years. With this new found drugs and endless consumers the Yellow Breads had the opportunity to expand. Resding in the west part of town in the hearth of the party centrum, this gives them a monopoly of the party life of Quack city. This made them hellbound to protect the secret recipe of their new drugs called “Bread’, they’ll do anything to keep it out their rivals hands. They are a fairly new gang and there is a constant struggle for survival, they are hoping to make new allies. There have even been talk with The Red Swimmers, wiche makes all the other gangs supspicious.

Future Of Duck Off

The Duck Off club is not just any club. But a club driven by the community with cute, fun and above all unique ducks. We would like to keep this duck as our mascot, the face of the Duck Off club and have it come back in every collection. we have the plan and hopes to start a cool community, where cool giveaways are held, fun events are organized and where the focus is mainly on the community. We can only build a cool duck empire together! so jump in, and join in!


Started from 14 December


We're giving away 250 Duck Off Ducks to the early quackers that join our community! They'll have access to the holders servers in our Discord for amazing giveaways and much more!

January 15 2022

Launching First Generation

First generation of the Duck Off ducks will be launched publicly on 15 January 2022!! Details will be announced in our community! So make sure to join the Discord server!


First GIVE-AWAY Raffle

After selling 50% of the first generation we will announce a give-away raffle in our Discord server! The're awesome prizes to win that are going to be announced -and raffled among the holders of the ducks!


Second GIVE-AWAY Raffle

We will have another raffle after selling 100% of the first generation. This raffle will take place in our Discord server so make sure to join it! This raffle will include awesome prizes that are going to be announced -and raffled among the holders and the community!



After the succes of the first generation Duck Off ducks we will plan and organise a live event for the holders of the first generation! This event will be planned in our Discord server among the holders.


Preparing Second Generation

As we all know the first generation of the Duck Off ducks were dropped on January 15 2022, Now its time for the preperation of the second generation of the Duck Off Club. Join our Discord to stay tuned and up-to-date!